YSN New Haven Housing Basics 

YSN students live all over Connecticut. The majority of students, however, live in the greater area of New Haven. To that end, please find below a list of neighborhoods that many of our students choose as their base during their time at the Yale School of Nursing.


Many graduate students live here, more suburban but still within walking distance to downtown (~30 minute walk).

  • Nearby East Rock Hike, local grocery stores (Nica’s, P&M), several cafes and restaurants
  • Average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment: $1808 (Trulia.com)
  • Yale Shuttle Access: Blue line, Orange line, Purple line, Yellow line, Red line

Westville/West Haven:

Many young families and long-time Westville residents live here, not really a “grad student” feel, more of a sweet collection of quiet neighborhoods, advisable to have a car to get around.

  • Would recommend for people who appreciate quieter streets and a neighborhood of Yale and non-Yale affiliated individuals, including some distance from the graduate student life/university amenities
  • Nearby: West Rock Hike, Stop & Shop, several cafes and restaurants
  • Average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment: $1,478 (Apartments.com)/ $1,226 (Apartments.com)
  • Yale Shuttle Access: VA Shuttle (West Haven)

Downtown New Haven:

Urban center of New Haven.

  • Nearby: Main campus, New Haven Green, Yale Medical School, Yale New Haven Hospital, St. Raphael’s Hospital, Stop & Shop
  • Average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment: $1482 (Rentjungle.com)
  • Yale Shuttle Access: Blue line, Orange line, Yellow line, Red line


Quiet, suburban, mainly family housing and young parents.

  • May be a better fit for those looking to buy.
  • May be a better fit for those with a car.
  • Nearby: YSN, Trader Joe’s, Target, Whole Foods
  • Average rent for a two bedroom apartment: $1,744 (apartmenthomeliving.com)
  • Yale Shuttle Access: Purple line (West Campus), Green line (West Campus), weekend Trader Joe’s shuttle

Can you tell me a bit about grad school housing?

  • Students can apply to graduate school housing, located in East Rock & Downtown New Haven
  • You can read more about graduate housing here: Graduate Housing

When should I start my lease?

  • Most common lease start dates are somewhere between July 1-August 1

Are there any Yale Housing Facebook Groups?

How do I lease an apartment if I can’t see it first?*

  • Request a virtual tour from the landlord
  • Request a virtual tour or additional information from current tenants
  • Request room measurements from the landlord or current tenants
  • Take a virtual walking tour of your neighborhood on Google Maps/Google Earth

*The above recommendations are tools students have used in the past to find housing*

Which Yale Shuttles go to YSN?

  • The Purple Line passes through Central & Medical School Campuses and YSN (West Campus)
  • The Green Line goes from East Rock and Downtown to YSN (West Campus)

Where can I find the Yale Shuttle schedules?

Some questions to consider before signing a lease:                                              

  • Do I have a grocery store within walking distance?
  • Do I need a car to get around my neighborhood?
  • Do I have access to a parking spot? If not, does my street have street parking?
    • If I don’t have a car, do I have a roommate with one?
  • Is the laundry in-unit, in building (coin op? free?) or do I need to go to a laundromat?
  • Do I want to live with other GEPNs?
  • Do I want a non-academic space at home?
  • What about another school graduate student?
  • Have I scheduled out enough time to use the shuttle?