Immunization & Physical

Immunization & Physical Reqs 

All new students are required to submit immunization and physical exam forms. In order to avoid any delays, be sure to make an appointment to fulfill any health requirements as soon as possible. Some childhood vaccines like Hepatitis B may need boosters and then new titers to be repeated. Failure to complete required forms will prohibit class enrollment.

E*Value & Medicat

The Yale School of Nursing uses a portal (E*Value) for storing student immunizations records, clinical hours, and evaluations. In addition to E*Value, you will be required to submit forms to the Yale Medicat system. E*Value is used throughout your time at YSN and requirements will need to be updated as they expire. Medicat is only used during your first year. Please note that E*Value is separate from Medicat and forms must be uploaded to both systems.

The Office of Student Life and Belonging (OSLB) will be sending out communications regarding access to  E*Value as well as host sessions to help you learn how to navigate the system. 

Set-up Medicat:

  • Starting in April, all incoming YSN Students must  visit the Yale Health page and download Yale Health Student Forms here.
  •  Read the instructions at this link before you visit your provider
    1. Print the “Yale Vaccination Record” form and attached instructions
    2. Take the form and instructions to a Healthcare Provider for completion
  • Beginning on June 20th this site will become available  Access the Yale Medicat Incoming Student Vaccination Portal 

Medicat Instructions:

  • Enter your Yale Net ID and Set-up a Password
  • Answer a few basic questions
  • Enter the dates of all of your Vaccinations
  • Upload all of your forms  for verification purposes (scanned or photo)
  • Await review and verification (1-5 business days)
  • Respond, if necessary, to requests for further information/corrective action


Please keep in mind that Yale Health will not cover pre-enrollment expenses related to physical requirements or immunizations. Do make sure that you have all forms filled out prior to arriving in New Haven even if you do not have access to E*Value or Medicat just yet. Should you have any questions about the Immunization & Physical Requirement don’t hesitate to reach out to Sandy Storck.