13. Access to Alumni Records

Location of records: In School of Nursing building, store room (records up to the class of 1958) or Office of Student and Affairs (recent graduates).

Custodians: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Contents: Five years after graduation, files will be weeded to conserve file space. Five years was chosen because recent graduates change positions and may need to have references written by faculty who need to have access to the complete file. Thus, after five years, the files will contain the admissions application and supporting documents and correspondence pertaining to the student=s experience while enrolled, the research praxis grade sheet, final transcript and final summary.

Access: Graduates may have access to their records as specified above upon request, allowing for the convenience of the custodians in pulling the files. Copies will be made upon request. Faculty and staff may be allowed access for legitimate educational purposes such as reference writing and confirmation of degree.

Challenge procedure: All alumnae/i who challenge the accuracy of material contained in the file should bring it to the attention of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. It is understood that an alumna/us may challenge the accuracy of records but may not challenge the grades themselves. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may contact any faculty person involved in producing the alleged inaccurate or incomplete or misleading statement, if available. If, through these conversations, the challenge is not resolved, the file will be sealed and no information other than “directory information” will be sent out at any time.

Informing graduates of change in access to student records: This policy will be printed in the alumnae/i newsletter once per year in the spring issue. It will also be added to the previous policy on access to student records so that students may know what happens to their records when they graduate.