Extension of Time for Students to Complete Work

Usually all course work is completed by the end of the term. However, if a student and instructor have agreed that an extension is appropriate in order to allow extra time for the student to complete work for a course the following steps are taken:

  1. The student submits a request form for an Incomplete that is approved by the instructor, Specialty Coordinator/Program Director, and the Division Chair to the Office of Student Affairs
  2. The Office of Student Affairs will send a copy of the request to the student’s academic advisor.  In these cases, the instructor will submit a grade of Incomplete at the end of the term.
  3. The work necessary to complete the course requirements for an Incomplete must be submitted to the instructor by an agreed upon date and be in accordance with the Academic Progression Policy. See also Policy # 15, Policy Regarding Summer Registration For Specialty Students.
  4. If the work is not received by the instructor by the agreed upon date, the Incompletes will be converted to grades of Fail. Faculty have two weeks to submit the final grades to the Office of Student Affairs.

In certain extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness or a family emergency, and on the recommendation of the student’s Specialty Coordinator/Program Director, the Division Chair may grant an additional extension of the time to complete the Incomplete. A written request for such an extension must be made by the student to the instructor and the Specialty Coordinator/Program Director within two weeks of the grade submission deadline stated above. If the request for an extension is approved the instructor will inform the Office of Student Affairs of the new deadline. If the requirements of the course are met by the new deadline, the final grade will replace the Incomplete. If the requirements of the course are not met by the new deadline, the Incomplete will be converted to a Fail.

Revised Executive Committee – October 25, 1989
Pmc 3/29/99
Administrative Update:  November 16, 2005
Revised Executive Committee – February 16, 2005 November, 16, 2005, April 16, 2014