Non-Matriculated Auditors and Students

Faculty have the authority to determine if their courses will be open to individuals other than enrolled YSN or Yale students.  Written permission of the instructor is required, and request should be granted in consultation with the Student Affairs Office.

Non-matriculated auditors are defined as individuals who wish to sit in on courses, who may receive course materials, handouts, bibliographies but who will not complete assignments, papers or examinations, will not receive a grade or other evidence of course attendance.  There is no limit on the number of courses a student may audit.

Non-matriculated students are individuals who will attend classes and participate fully in the course, complete assignments, papers or examinations and receive a transcript attesting to completion of the course, credit hours, and a grade.  A student is limited to three courses per semester.  Students would normally be allowed to apply up to six courses towards a degree program or post-master’s certificate program at the discretion of the appropriate Specialty Coordinator and Division Chair.

In the event a non‑matriculated student is accepted to and enrolls in either the full‑time or degree program, he or she may receive credit by waiver or challenge for YSN courses already completed as a non‑matriculated student.  However, there will be no modification in tuition.

Revised Exec. Comm. 11/26/96
Revised: 3/28/99
Revised: 5/18/2005
Revised: 11/1/2013
Approved Exec Comm. 3/14/2016