YSN Academic Support for Success

YSN is committed to supporting the success of our students, and our faculty share the responsibility for supporting students in reaching their academic goals, clinical competencies, and achieving high standards of professionalism.

The Academic Support Plan is a plan for students enrolled in the masters’ program that aims to deliver tailored support for re-learning and competency attainment that go beyond the academic support channels already available. The goal of the plan is to identify learning issues early, establish a specialized support team of faculty and staff, and create an individualized Plan that will promote learning and demonstration of competency. Once a learning issue is identified, the Academic Support Team (AST) will apply a learner-centered model and support the student’s education and related needs that affect learning. 

Referral to the team may be initiated by the student, advisor, or faculty of record, with consent of the student, at any point during the student’s time at YSN. If you are interested in referring yourself for academic support, email ysnastreferral@yale.edu. You will be asked to respond to a few basic questions and make a follow-up appointment to meet with the coordinating AST faculty member.

AST members