Summer Independent Study Contract

N704c is a Summer Independent Study. This elective study is initiated by faculty or student and negotiated with the faculty. The purpose is to allow in-depth pursuit of individual areas of interest and/or practice with the guidance of a faculty member. 

An Independent Study is comparable to any academic course. As such, it is subject to the same policies described in Instructions for Course Schedules. 


1 classroom (theory) hour per week per semester (12 weeks) = 1 credit 

3 clinical/laboratory hours per week per semester (12 weeks) = 1 credit 


Tuition is calculated at a rate of $1,195.00 per credit. 


  • The contract is due in the Student Affairs Office at the beginning of summer term. 
  • The contract must be signed by the student, the faculty member(s), the appropriate Program Director, and the Registrar. 
  • The contract must include the following, to be attached to the contract face sheet:
    *A statement of purpose *Site (if lab or practicum)
    *Objectives *Desired Outcome
    *Methodology *Method of evaluation
    *Frequency, type of meeting with faculty, e.g., 
    tutorial, clinical, conference, seminar, etc.
    *Demonstration, scholarly paper, etc. 
  •  If the independent study is for clinical work, all clinical placements and preceptors must be arranged and documented according to current policies and procedures including: a completely executed Clinical Experience Agreement, Schedule A, and courtesy faculty appointment. 
Summer Independent Study Form

N704 C

Title of Study
Please put hours/week and # of weeks. Ex) 10hr/week for 10 weeks
Please put hours/week and # of weeks. Ex) 10hr/week for 10 weeks
Please put hours/week and # of weeks. Ex) 10hr/week for 10 weeks
see Guidelines for calculation formula
Clinical Practice
If this is a clinical practice experience, the following information must be provided:
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

I am aware of the expectations for the Independent Study and have discussed them with the faculty member(s) with whom I will work.

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