Susana Rios, ‘17

Hometown: Orange County, CA 

Education: BS in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton (2009) 

YSN Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner 

Before deciding she wanted to become a nurse, Susana Rios was undecided about her long-term career goals. When her grandmother became ill, Susana observed the care that her grandmothers’ nurses were giving her. Susana says, “I observed the respect and care given to my grandmother by her nurses. It inspired me to change my career to nursing.” After her grandmothers’ passing, Susana felt the desire to give back to her community and began volunteering at St. Joseph’s Hospital working at Hoag Urgent Care. Becoming a member of the healthcare team, Susana’s experience made her pursuit her goal in becoming a nurse, so she too can help someone else’s grandmother with the same affection and devotion that was given before to hers. “The GEPN program is unique in that it brings together individuals from all walks of life with the common goal to become leaders in the nursing profession.” Rios states. She continues by saying, “At YSN, I knew that I would have access to vast resources and leadership opportunities.” Rios wanted a school that would improve her leadership skills to make improvements in the healthcare delivery. She says YSN was a second home, “I felt welcomed by the YSN faculty, staff, and nursing students.” She says. Susana says she was looking forward to Linda’s teaching methodology which adds arts and sciences through the programs, “Looking is Not Seeing” and “Listening is Not Hearing”. Susana says these programs along with “Narrative Nursing” gave her a deeper insight to her own feelings about the nursing experience. These programs gave her observational skills needed to be an effective clinician. Something that Susana has learned from her course career at YSN is that patient care is a team effort. She learned that she is a good listener and is able to connect with her patients. 

So far, Susana’s greatest nursing experience has been caring for an older patient in the trauma unit. While washing his feet, Rios noticed that the patient had his toes amputated due to Diabetes. She says, “I felt privileged that he would feel comfortable enough to allow me to care for him.” She says that he sincerely appreciated the time she had spent with him and the care she had provided for him. Not only did Susana care for her patient, but she lifted his spirits and was a friend during a time of loneliness. 

Currently, Susana is a member of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing Scholar. She also volunteers at the Haven Free Clinic. Adding to her busy schedule, Rios is a member of the Student Government Organization and a member of St. Mary’s Church Young Adult Ministry. 

Moving forward, Susana wants to continue her education in the limitless opportunities in the nursing world. Thinking back to her past in her small community she is constantly reminded of the struggle her family had faced by having limited access to healthcare. “I am confident that with my education from YSN I will have the knowledge and skills to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.”