Why YSN?

exterior photograph of YSN building

There is no such thing as a typical Yale School of Nursing student. That’s because people who pursue a degree at YSN come from a variety of diverse and distinct backgrounds. Whether students have worked for years as a registered nurse or they are in the midst of a significant career change, the mix of talents and interests that YSN students encompass demonstrate the cohesive commitment to better health for all people.

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YSN seeks applicants who want to make a significant impact to the profession of nursing. We carefully consider each and every application, and we encourage prospective students to attend an  information session at Yale, where we can discuss ideas, answer your questions, and give you further information about the school’s several graduate degree options. If you are unable to travel to Yale, which is located in Orange , Conn., we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a telephone advisement session.

YSN prepares leaders in the nursing field by encouraging close collaboration between students and seasoned mentors in the health care field, all while keeping abreast with the faculty’s cutting-edge research.

Because the skill set of the advanced practice nurse is constantly evolving, YSN offers programs of study for nurses with master’s degrees who are preparing to take on additional responsibilities, as well. For example, post-master’s certificate offerings generally require one year of study, but it’s best to meet with the specialty director to determine your own course of study. We can put you directly in touch with the appropriate member of our leadership team.

It is the goal of YSN to provide an environment that fosters relationships that don’t stop after graduation but continue for a lifetime.

Please contact the Office of Admissions at ysnadmissions@yale.edu , if you have further questions.