YSN Student Spotlights

Students are the very heart of YSN.  Each student has their own story about how they chose a career in nursing.  Below are just a few examples of the stellar YSN students who all collectively contribute to the vibrancy of the YSN community.  Click on the student names to view their YSN Student Spotlight.

Shelli Feder, ‘18

Cecilia Duran, ‘18

Meghan McClain, ‘17

Susana Rios, ‘17

Sara Price-Arora, ‘17

Christopher Schayer, ‘17

Matt Balanda, ‘15

Fabiola Ramirez, ‘14

Ani Bagdasarian, ‘14

Lidia Lopez, ‘14

Taylor Deasy, ‘14

Jennifer Lovallo, ‘14

Keith Ellis, ‘13

Monica Garty, ‘12

Shivani Mehta, ‘12

Maryellin Flynn, ‘11

Fabian Alvarado, ‘09

Erin Ruppe, ‘08

John Kinabrew, ‘06

Joshua Burgett, ‘06

John Roy, ‘05

Suzanne M. Moser, ‘04

Acknowledgement: Student spotlight webpage data from 2004-2017 recovered by Year.org. Thank you to Susana Rios, ‘17, for organizing this effort.