IDEAS Council

The YSN IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Action, Solutions) council is the hub for all matters that deal with diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is a model in which representatives of various stakeholder groups within YSN (students, staff, alumni, and faculty) come together to develop, implement, and evaluate an action strategy for demonstrating excellence diversity, equity, and inclusion. The IDEAS council members are champions for DEI within the school, accountable delegates who represent the interests of their constituents, and conduits for relaying information to leadership.

IDEAS Council Members

Faculty – Dilice Robertson (Faculty Chair), Laura AndrewsLaRon Nelson

Staff – Eddie Quiles (Staff Co-Chair), Melissa NixonJoshua GleasonMary Ann Marshak 

Students – Camila Soto-Espinoza (Student Co-Chair), Jill Langan (Student Co-Chair), Raimy Shin

Alumni - Stephan Davis (Alumni Co-Chair), Fanta Bayoh

Ex-officio - Heather Reynolds