Center for Biobehavioral Health Research

Center for Biobehavioral Health Research

The Center for Biobehavioral Health Research is designed to promote studies that facilitate understanding of the intersections between biology and behavior. This beautifully appointed 2,800 square foot facility is situated at Yale School of Nursing (YSN) on Yale’s West Campus. The space has ground-level access through YSN’s main entrance, staffed by a receptionist during regular business hours. There is also private access through a second entry with an intercom. In addition to labs and meeting rooms, the suite includes a large and welcoming reception area, a kitchenette, and two accessible bathrooms. There is ample and secure free parking.

Please contact us regarding scheduling use of the BBL and associated costs.

Sleep Laboratory

The state-of-the-art Sleep Laboratory is equipped for researchers to conduct, score, and analyze both ambulatory and laboratory-based polysomnographic and behavioral sleep studies. The laboratory includes two hotel-style private bedrooms with double beds. A third room serves as a sitting/living area with a kitchenette, which may also be used as a third bedroom. There is a fully equipped and wheelchair accessible bathroom. Three polysomnographic studies can be conducted simultaneously. The following services are available:

· Full polysomnographic sleep measurement with digital video recording in-lab

· Full polysomnographic sleep measurement for ambulatory studies

· Use of space for overnight or daytime observations/biobehavioral data collection

· Ambulatory sleep apnea screening

· Wrist actigraphy analysis of activity/rest and sleep/wake, including wrist actigraphs for loan and consultation for acquisition, scoring, and data interpretation of actigraphy data

· Psychomotor vigilance test monitoring (measure of attention, vigilance, sleepiness)

· Light therapy for circadian rhythm interventions

· Consultation on selection, analysis, and interpretation of physiological, behavioral, and self-report sleep measures

Focus Group and Interview Services

We offer a range of services that may be tailored to individual research projects. This includes basic, deluxe, and premier packages, as detailed in the table. Prices vary according to the services needed. A Moderator is available to run focus groups or conduct individual interviews. The Assistant will: greet participants in the waiting area; orient participants to the space; distribute and collect consent forms, questionnaires, and other study materials; take notes during focus groups or interviews; manage late comers/early departures; manage refreshments; and manage incentives.

Please contact us for a personalized cost estimate.

Biomarker Acquisition, Preparation and Storage

· Bench and centrifuge for biomarker specimen preparation

· Storage in -80d and -20d freezers and refrigerator

· Point of care Hemoglobin A1c and cholesterol testing

Cardiopulmonary Assessment

· Pulse oximetry

· Six Minute Walk Test

· 24-hour blood pressure monitoring

· 24-hour heart rate/ECG monitoring

Human Behavioral Observation with Digital Video Recording

· Dedicated rooms for observation of individuals or groups

· Adults and children

Focus Group and Interview Facility

· 12-seat focus group room equipped with digital video monitoring, one-way glass, computer projection, and webinar capability

· Individual interviewing capability with digital video monitoring

· Consultation for pre-group activities and data analysis available

· Range of options for use of space and support of moderators and/or assistant for focus group facilitation

Physical Examination and Reception Area

· Fully equipped physical examination room

· Reception area



To support cutting edge research that integrates biology and behavior and addresses significant bio-behavioral patient-oriented health problems.


Yale School of Nursing
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Nancy S. Redeker, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN
Beatrice Renfield Term Professor of Nursing

Lorena Fonte

Senior Administrative Assistant

Sarah Linsky
Research Assistant
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