Proposal Submission Guidelines


Sarah Zaino, Assistant Director for Research Activities: 737-2371,
David Vlahov, Associate Dean of Research: 785-2399,


1. PI should notify Sarah Zaino of intent to submit proposal at least 4-6 weeks prior to submission deadline.

2. PI and Sarah Zaino review announcement/guidelines and discuss timeline and proposal requirements.

3. PI works with Sarah Zaino on budget preparation.

4. PI requests and collects biosketches and letters of support from co-investigators and collaborators.

5. PI writes ‘science,’ proposal narrative, budget justification, abstract, etc.

6. An internal scientific review is encouraged, particularly for early-stage investigators. If a review is requested, this will be built into the timeline.

a. Sarah Zaino will communicate with the internal reviewers and schedule the review meeting. A draft of the proposal will be due to Sarah Zaino one week prior to the review session. Proposals should not be sent directly to the reviewer(s). For mentored awards, the mentor should also attend the review. Mentors should review the proposal prior to it being sent to Sarah Zaino for the internal review.

b. Internal reviewers will provide copies of their reviews to Sarah Zaino who will forward to the PI and to the Research Lead.

c. The Research Lead will provide feedback as needed to assist applicants to integrate the results of the review and make recommendations regarding future steps (i.e., additional revisions, submission timeline). However, applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with members of their research teams and/or mentors, as appropriate.

7. Sarah Zaino reviews final proposal and budget for completeness and communicate with PI if additional corrections or revisions are required. PIs should budget enough time for this step in the process.

8. Sarah Zaino submits final, approved proposal to Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) no less than 5-business days in advance of deadline. The proposal is submitted electronically; PI(s) and Business Office must review and approve via electronic approval routing system. If the budget includes Yale faculty from other departments, the departmental business office must also approve.

9. OSP reviews, approves, and submits electronic proposals to foundation/agency/funder. If paper submission is required, this will be managed by Sarah Zaino, once the proposal is approved by OSP.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Contact Sarah Zaino to discuss the following:

  • Working with the Development Office: Gift vs. Grant

  • PI eligibility

  • Limited competitions

  • Internal Yale funded proposal

  • Preliminary proposals or letters of intent