Not Included in Student Records

Student and alumni records do not include:

Health Records

YSN does not accept or keep personal health information of its students and alumni, including immunization information.

If you need documentation of immunization or other health related information, please contact Yale Health at 203-432-0246.

GRE Scores

Copies of student GRE scores (collected upon admission) are not kept in student records. YSN receives the scores electronically through ETS and thus does not receive official paper copies. 

If you need copies of your GRE scores, you will need to contact ETS directly.


Prior to 2000, YSN did not utilize or calculate Grade Point Averages (GPA) for its students. If you need to calculate your GPA, you can use the following formula:

Calculating a GPA on a 4 point Scale:

Honors = 4.0

High Pass = 3.4

Pass = 2.9

Fail = 0

For each course, multiply the number above that correlates with the grade received by the number of credits for the course (do not count Pass/Fail courses, withdrawn courses, audited courses, or waived courses). Do this for each course and total up the sum for each course. Then divide that by the total number of credits.