YSN Aging Well Initiatives

Better Aging for Every Age

Active seniors

Partner for Aging Well

To become a partner in YSN’s Aging Well Initiatives, please contact Gail McCulloch.

Vision and Goals

At Yale School of Nursing we realize that people are unique in their bodily processes, genetics, how they interact with society, and other ways.  These things affect what each person needs to have their best wellness and prevent illness at every stage of life.  Our vision is to increase the span of wellness and make it inevitable. We are leading the way in the new field of precision wellness. 

Our goals are to:


Revolutionize clinical care and lifestyle practices, elevating wellness outcomes.

Change Culture

Transform societal attitudes towards aging, fostering a culture that celebrates and supports the journey of aging well.


Provide a hub for scientists specializing in aging, wellness, and brain health.

Spread the Word

Illuminate and disseminate knowledge to academic and every household.

Research and Initiatives

YSN is home to many Aging Well Initiatives and streams of research:

Aging Well with Chronic Illness

S. Raquel Ramos

Julie Womack

Soohyun Nam

Music therapy: Uplifting, reducing stress, and enhancing wellness biomarkers for individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

Azita Emami

Age Friendly Communities

Ophelia Empleo-Frazier

Educating nurses and inter-professional healthcare providers to effectively support older adults thriving with multiple chronic conditions, and training dementia nurse specialists for specialized care.

Tatiana Sadak

Palliative and End-of-Life Care Delivery for People with Non-Cancer Serious Illness

Shelli Feder

Preventing cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease by implementing lifestyle interventions and promoting early diagnosis and treatment.


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