Master’s Program Concentrations

Yale School of Nursing offers students the opportunity to specialize in a particular concentration area that further develops a clinical or a conceptual interest.

Four such concentrations are offered at YSN: Diabetes Care, Oncology, Gender and Sexuality Health Justice, and Research. Upon completion of the concentration, students may be eligible for the certification exam in the area of the concentration. 


First year specialty students in good standing, and with adviser approval, are encouraged to submit an online application to a concentration of their choice. Those interested are encouraged to visit YSN website for concentration specific information. Communication about concentrations, opportunity to meet with the Concentration Coordinator, application and deadlines is shared late summer with an application deadline of early fall. Enrollment is limited.  Access the application here.  

Applications to the Gender and Sexuality Health Justice, and Research and Oncology concentrations are due by October 19th.

Applications to the Research and Diabetes concentrations are due by March 28th.

Concentration Fee

Students who are accepted into the Diabetes, Gender and Sexuality Health Justice, Oncology, and Research  concentrations will pay an additional fee, split over two or three terms depending on when the concentration begins.  

If, at the end of the first term, a student elects to drop a concentration, the student will not need to pay the next terms concentration fee, but the fee will not be refunded.

For fee amounts please visit the tuition and fee page here