Financial Aid Forms

All prospective students for the 2021-2022 academic year, must complete forms for their specific year of entry. 

All new students who seek financial aid consideration must complete the following forms:

• Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): US citizens and eligible non-citizens only.
• Yale School of Nursing Financial Aid Application
• Yale School of Nursing: International Student Application

These applications collect income information, student loan history, demographic information, and student academic plans.

These forms must be completed and submitted via email to or faxed to 203-436-9761.

2021-2022 Financial Aid Forms (New Students)

New & Prospective Students Financial aid application frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is my graduation Date?

The type of program that you are applying for determines your graduation date. If you are applying as a new GEPN student your plan of study dictates 3 years of full time coursework, versus a direct entry MSN student who only has 2 years.

Who should I include in my household?

The Yale School of Nursing is a graduate level program, meaning that all students are considered Independent in the eyes of financial aid.  Your household should include the following:

  1. Your Kids
  2. Your Spouse

The household size should not include:

  1. Your parents*
  2. Your domestic partner
  3. Your soon to be spouse
  4. Roommates
  5. Your siblings

Since you are now an independent student, all forms must be completed by the student. Parents and guardians should not be signing or completing these forms, as all information is based off the prospective student’s information only.

My form is asking for my NetID and Student ID Number?

At this point, we are not requesting that information, please make sure you are completing the correct form, and clear your browsers cookies. The 2021-2022 forms should not request that information, and these fields may be left blank at this time.

What is required in section 4?

If you have defaulted on prior federal loans, indicate the school and the loans that were associated with that default. If you have not defaulted, indicate “no” and the application is complete.

Can I apply for various HRSA programs?

This is determined by HRSA but when the application opens, the following groups of students may apply for the following programs:


Eligible Students

Nurse Corps.

Student who currently hold an RN license

MSN Year 1 &2 Students

DNP Students

National Health Service Corps.

GEPN Students

MSN Year 1 &2 Students

DNP Students

You may find additional information regarding these programs at the following link: