Refund and Rebate

In the case of withdrawal from the Yale School of Nursing for any reason, the following rebate schedule shall apply:

Students who withdraw from the School for any reason during the first 60 percent of the term will receive a pro rata rebate of tuition. No adjustment is made after 60 percent of the term has expired. In 2021–2022, no portion of tuition will be rebated in the fall term after October 27, 2021, for students in the D.N.P. program; after October 30, 2021, for students in the GEPN program; and after October 24, 2021, for students in the M.S.N. and post-master’s programs. In the spring term, the date is April 3, 2022, for students in all programs. In the summer term, the dates are June 30, 2022, for students in the D.N.P. and GEPN programs; and July 10, 2022, for students in the M.S.N. program.

The death of a student will cancel charges for tuition as of the date of death, and the tuition will be adjusted on a pro rata basis.

A student who withdraws from the School of Nursing for any reason during the first 60 percent of the term will be subject to the proration of the student’s federal Title IV student aid. A student who withdraws after the 60 percent point has earned 100 percent of the federal Title IV student aid. In order to comply with federal regulations, the School must return to the U.S. Department of Education any unearned federal Title IV student aid. In 2021–2022, the last days for refunding federal Title IV student aid are the same as noted above for tuition. Aid will be refunded in the order prescribed by federal regulations, namely, first Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, then Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan.

For purposes of determining the refund of all other sources of student aid (federal non-Title IV, state, private, or institutional scholarships and loans), a student who withdraws from the School of Nursing for any reason will be subject to the same pro rata schedule as for federal Title IV student aid. All recipients of federal and institutional student loans who leave the School are required to complete an exit interview. Graduating students are required to complete the process before participating in commencement. Students leaving the School receive instructions on completing this process from Yale Student Financial Services.

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

For information on the general rules of the University and policies of the School regarding withdrawal and leave of absence, see Leave of Absence and Withdrawal in the chapter YSN Student Policies and Guidelines.

Revised  July, 2021