Frequently Asked Questions for Graduate Students applying for Financial Aid

New & Prospective Students Financial aid application frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who should I include in my household?

The Yale School of Nursing is a graduate level program, meaning that all students are considered Independent in the eyes of financial aid.  Your household should include the following:

  1. Your Kids
  2. Your Spouse

The household size should not include:

  1. Your parents*
  2. Your domestic partner
  3. Your soon to be spouse
  4. Roommates
  5. Your siblings

Since you are now an independent student, all forms must be completed by the student. Parents and guardians should not be signing or completing these forms, as all information is based off the prospective student’s information only.

What is required in section 4?

If you have defaulted on prior federal loans, indicate the school and the loans that were associated with that default. If you have not defaulted, indicate “no” and the application is complete.

Can I apply for various HRSA programs?

This is determined by HRSA but when the application opens, the following groups of students may apply for the following programs:


Eligible Students

Nurse Corps.

Student who currently hold an RN license

DNP Students

National Health Service Corps.

GEPN Students

MSN Year 1 &2 Students

DNP Students

You may find additional information regarding these programs at the following link:

General FAQ

When is the FAFSA deadline? 

The FAFSA for entering students is January 8, 2022.  For continuing Master’s Students, the deadline is March 1, 2022. 

What forms are needed to apply for need-based financial assistance? 

All applicants must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) which can be completed online. Please note that our school code number is 001426-00. In addition to the FAFSA form, we require the School of Nursing Application for Financial Aid for new incoming students. 

Where do I submit these forms?  

When filing the FAFSA online the information is submitted electronically. The School of Nursing application should be returned directly to the Office of Financial Aid. These forms can be faxed to 203-436-9761 or emailed to

When can I expect to be notified of my financial aid eligibility? 

Once all required forms are received, you will be mailed an award letter notifying you of your eligibility for financial aid. You can apply for student loans at any point before or during the academic year. If you wait until after the priority deadlines, it is unlikely that you will have a loan approved in time for the beginning of classes.

When will my student loan funds be disbursed to my Student Account? 

In general, student loan funds are disbursed the first official day of classes each semester. (Note: the entire financial aid process must have been completed and all necessary paperwork must be received, including any student loan promissory notes, entrance interviews, and YSN applications to ensure disbursement). 

When do I have to pay my tuition bill?

Tuition bills are usually due by the end of July for the fall semester and the end of December for the spring semester, but this may change from year to year. To confirm the tuition due date each semester, please contact your department or Student Accounts.

What if I am relying on student loans to pay for living expenses?

All students should have personal funds available when they arrive regardless of anticipated student loan funds for expenses. Students should not rely on loan funds as their only source of income, as the process for awarding and disbursing these funds takes time and may be delayed for a number of reasons. Yale will not advance students any type of refund based on the anticipation of student loan funds being disbursed.

What is available if my financial aid does not cover enough of my educational expenses?

Students may borrow private, credit based alternative loan to help with the cost of educational expenses. These loans may not exceed the cost of attendance minus any financial assistance, including Federal Direct Loans and tuition remission

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the financial aid process?

You should contact the Office of Financial Aid by email at