Collaboration and Grant Opportunities

YSN faculty interested in or planning to conduct research that involves international partnerships can work with GAPH to facilitate successful communication and cooperation between partners to support their work. GAPH’s goal is to help build and sustain partnerships that not only aid in faculty research but also work towards YSN’s larger goal of better health for all people.

Yale Institute of Global Health  

The Yale Institute for Global Health is committed to serving the needs of all Yale faculty who are interested in or already serving in the field of global health.  
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Faculty Networks  

A YIGH Faculty Network refers to a group of Yale faculty members who coalesce to form a long-term, collaborative academic and/or research partnership centered on a thematic or geographic area. Faculty in a network identify as members and share collective goals to forge new, interdisciplinary collaborations to tackle complex issues in global health.  
YIGH provides administrative, structural, and financial support to foster and nurture faculty networks, and help them pursue external funding and internal funding such as the Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award.  
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The Yale Macmillan Center  

The MacMillan Center Faculty Research Grants are available to full-time ladder faculty at Yale University in any department or school. Research grants are awarded for innovative international projects that will increase understanding in any era of specific countries and societies; for problem-oriented and comparative studies within and between regions; and for studies in international relations and global affairs.   
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The Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund  

The Kempf Memorial Fund supports faculty in organizing on-campus conferences, workshops, and seminar series on international topics in their fields of interest.   
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Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses Faculty Grant  

The Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses Research Grants are available to ladder faculty in any department or school at Yale University.  
Research grants are awarded for studies that will expand and develop an understanding of issues related to the global refugee crisis, such as challenges of integration and displacement, transit experiences of refugees inside and outside of camps, and refugee health.  
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Global Health Spark Award 

YIGH offers the Global Health Spark Award, to support YIGH-affiliated faculty as they identify, coordinate, and/or prepare for global health work. Spark Awards are intended to “spark” a larger scope of work, for example, preparation and submission of a proposal for a larger grant opportunity, or catalyzing a sustainable scope of work that contributes to the career development of YIGH-affiliated faculty. YIGH will accept one application per person per review cycle. 
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Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award 
The Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award promotes new research and programs in global health undertaken by YIGH Faculty Networks. Activities could include, but are not limited to, fostering and/or strengthening partnerships with colleagues, collecting primary data, or developing strategies and policies for improving health and health care. Networks are encouraged to consider how their proposal develops and tests new ideas that can be evaluated and scaled up. The awards are intended to lay the foundation for recipients’ successful pursuit of additional funding opportunities.  
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