For International Visitors and Scholars

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Appointment Process

Visiting Scholars are appointed at the Yale School of Nursing through faculty nomination. All appointments require the support of a Yale School of Nursing faculty  host. 

Externally funded scholars interested in coming to the Yale School of Nursing are usually either on a paid sabbatical from their home university or have been funded by an agency or organization to conduct research or teach. There are no unpaid visiting scholar positions.

If a School of Nursing faculty agrees to be the advisor/mentor, they will initiate the invitation letter and appointment process with the OGAPH office. Scholars will be required to demonstrate a source of external salary support for the duration of the appointment and are unable to use personal funds. 

For additional questions about becoming a Visiting Scholar at the Yale School of Nursing, please email

Qualified individuals who wish to study at the Yale School of Nursing at the PhD level but not pursue a degree may apply to be admitted to the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - Division of Special Registration (DSR). 

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Visiting Scholar Titles and Qualifications

Visiting Teaching Faculty

Visiting Faculty are appointed at the rank of lecturer unless an individual currently holds a professional rank at another university. Persons who hold academic teaching appointments in an established college or university and who are appointed to a visiting teaching position at Yale will be given a title at Yale which is the same or equivalent to the title they hold at their home institution.

Titles in this rank include:  Visiting Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Assistant Professor, Lecturer, and Lector.

Visiting Research Faculty

Visiting Researchers are those affiliated with other institutions whose in-residence participation for limited periods in sponsored research administer by Yale will be of mutual benefit. The appointment title will be comparable to that held at the individual’s home institution. Visiting research faculty must comply with all University research and training requirements.

Titles in this rank include: Senior Research Scholar, Research Scholar, Associate Research Scholar

Visiting Fellow

Visiting Fellows are established scholars and distinguished individuals whose presence at Yale for a limited duration will be of mutual benefit. They have outside employers and are paid by the employer while at Yale.

Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows are recent Ph.D. (or equivalent) degree recipients who seek advanced research training under a faculty mentor. Postgraduate Fellows are recent bachelor or master degree recipients who come to Yale to further their education and training. Postdoctoral and postgraduate Fellows are trainees, but they are not Yale employees. They may be funded either from training grants or external fellowships.

Letter of Support and Appointment Procedure

All letter of support and appointment requests should be submitted by the faculty through the attached appointment form. You will be required to CAS login.

If you have any questions about any field, please feel free to reach out to Mary Ann Marshak at

Letter of Support

The faculty advisor will fill this form with all the details about the prospective scholar. The OGAPH staff will send the faculty advisor the letter of support. This should be signed by the faculty and can be used for scholarship or fellowship applications. Please note that the letter of support is not an appointment letter and cannot be used to process visas.

Please see the Yale minimum funding requirements here.

Complete all required fields.

  • Appointment Titles: Please refer to the section on visiting scholar titles and qualifications for a brief overview of appointment title categories. Please make your best effort at selecting the appropriate title, however OGAPH staff will review and change if needed.
  • Research Focus: Please provide a brief one or two sentence description of the scholar’s research focus or the title of the research project they will be working on while at Yale. This information is used directly in the appointment letter. It takes the format of, “During your appointment, you will devote your time to your research on…”
  • Teaching: If teaching, please provide as much detail as possible about the course(s), including term course(s) will be taught and course title(s).

Appointment Request

The faculty advisor will initiate the appointment request by completing this form.

OGAPH staff will work with the visiting scholar to procure all the required documentation to process appointments.

Formal Appointment

The visiting scholar will be responsible for providing a CV and proof of funding to process appointments. Once the appointment is reviewed and processed, OGAPH staff will provide a formal appointment letter and extend a formal offer.

The visiting scholar is required to sign and return the appointment letter to OGAPH to process the appointment within the Yale systems.

Onboarding Information

After accepting an appointment with the Yale School of Nursing, OGAPH staff will work with the visiting scholar to ensure a smooth transition.

OGAPH staff are available to assist with any questions about the hiring process, relocating to New Haven, access to Yale’s systems and arrival information. OGAPH staff will contact you to let you know what additional paperwork is required. The visiting scholar should complete all necessary paperwork promptly as it will affect their hiring timeline and joining us at the School of Nursing.

Visa Process

International scholars requiring a visa will work with OGAPH staff and the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) in order to process the documents required for the scholar to apply for the US visa.

After you have been offered an appointment and accepted:

  1. Review the Information for New Scholars section of the OISS website for more information on the immigration process.
  2. OGAPH staff will submit your appointment information to OISS to start the visa process. You will receive an email asking you to submit biographical information through the OISS Connect system. Please complete this in a timely manner. OISS will use this information submitted to issue a Form DS-2019 which will be mailed directly to you.
    • J-2 Dependents: If you will be coming to Yale with your family, and they require a visa, there are specific guidelines for funding levels and health coverage. Please be sure to educate yourself on these requirements and regulations in advance of your visa application. You will need to submit information about your dependents to OISS vis the OISS Connect system in order to issue the Form DS-2019 for your dependent(s).
  3. Carefully read the Immigration section of the OISS website to fully understand your visa category, requirements and restrictions associated with your status. Which visa you will hold during your time at Yale will be determined by OISS in consultation with OGAPH. While OISS will assist you whenever possible, it is your responsibility to apply for and obtain the correct visa status to enter the United States.
  4. Apply for the US visa after your DS-2019 has been issued. Please review this guidance from OISS on the application process.
  5. Update OGAPH staff on the progress of your visa application, especially if you encounter delays or are denied for any reason. 

For questions related to visa process, please direct your initial queries to Mary Ann Marshak at and she will liaise with OISS on your behalf.

Medical Insurance Requirements

All J-1 visa Visitors and their J-2 dependents are required by federal regulations to have medical insurance for the entire period of their stay in the United States. Scholars will need to show proof of health insurance that complies with the health insurance requirements.