Student Government Organization

The Student Government Organization (SGO) was formalized in 1969. The SGO mission statement was revised in 2000 to state: “The mission of the Yale School of Nursing Student Government Organization is to enhance the quality of life and education for the whole community by fostering student vision, leadership, advocacy, and action.”

The SGO provides additional means of communication within the School, and aims to represent students and build a sense of community among all involved with the School.

The Student Government hopes that all YSN students will commit time each semester to helping the SGO meet its mission by contributing to YSN events, committees, and service projects, or to volunteer organizations of their choice. In recent years SGO has especially focused on supporting student efforts to provide community outreach to the New Haven area, including involvement with the Sacred Heart School and Habitat for Humanity.

Each winter the SGO elects officers for the following term of office, which is from January to January. General membership meetings are held bi-weekly. In addition, SGO enlists students to provide representation on a variety of School of Nursing and University-wide committees. These representatives provide important input into the development and implementation of policies, and play a critical role in maintaining the quality of student life.

YSN committees with SGO representatives include Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee, Financial Aid Policy Committee, Child Care Committee, and Doctoral Program Committee.

University-wide committees include Yale Health Plan Advisory Committee, Medical School Library Committee, Sexual Harassment Grievance Board, Medical Center Security Committee, Medical Center Committee on Aid to Impaired Health Professional Students, Inter-Grad School Social Committee, Health Care Student Council, and University Tribunal.  School of Nursing students are also active in the Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

All students are encouraged to get involved. The SGO hosts an open house during the orientation week in August to introduce students to SGO members and to recruit students to become members of SGO, YSN and University committees. Students may bring ideas or issues to the SGO at any time by e-mailing, grabbing one of us in the hall, dropping a note in the suggestions box (usually on the piano) or in our mailbox, stopping by our office by the student lounge, or calling at 203-785-2391.

YSN Student Government Board 2017-2018

Justin Branham

Vice President
Beeba Matthew

Amanda Hoang

Keelin Sweeney

Academic/Curriculum Council Representative
Eli Stark
Leila Khalili

Alumni Chair
Pauline Hoang

Community Chair
Ashley Henry

GEPN Representative

Health and Wellness Chair
Vanessa Correia

Orientation Chair
Emma Kleck

Professional Development Chair
James W. Darden IV

Social Chair
Arielle Cheifetz

Yale Graduate and Professional Student Senators
Jennifer Espinoza
Angelique Saavedra
Sonia Rocha

Specialty Representatives
James W. Darden IV, ACNP
Danielle Diperna, ACNP
Ashley Henry, AGPCNP
Michael Anthony Moore, AGPCNP
Jazmyn Price, CNM/WHNP
Chala Massinople, CNM/WHNP
Alex Weiner, FNP
Julia Lockamy, FNP
Gigi (Gianvieve) Schwirblat, FNP
Jianne Lo, PMHNP
Rachel Wright, PNP
Elliott Race, RN-MSN