Student Groups

Addiction Medicine Collaborative (AMC)

The mission of Addiction Medicine Collaborative (AMC) is to collaboratively promote and enhance professional and public education concerning substance use, to promote and foster the interests of APRN students, other health professionals and advocates for substance use assistance and recovery and to promote scholarly inquiry concerning substance use disorders as they impact health care professionals and the public whom we serve.”

We hold several annual events and provide a forum so students can organize events and trainings as they wish. The growing network of AMC members share resources and volunteer/career opportunities as appropriate.

Contacts: Disa Yoo – and Clement Hill –

Faculty Advisor: Lindsay Powell

Adolescent Health Collaborative

Contact: Maya Zeemont -

APIDA Student Nurses (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American group)

Contacts: Dana Loo - and Charlotte Sperling -

The Black Council 

The Black Council is an initiative driven student group that focuses on the unique needs of Black students at YSN. Part of The Black Council’s mission is to address the underrepresentation of Black students by uplifting and amplifying Black voices and perspectives to all spaces, especially those where key decisions are happening. 
The YSN community has made a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. The Black Council will work with members of the YSN community to ensure that this commitment is being met at all times. The Black Council provides Black students a safe place to voice their concerns, ideas, and opinions to ultimately establish and advocate for initiatives with them in mind. The ultimate goal of The Black Council is to support Black studentand center Blackness at YSN. All Black students are encouraged and welcomed to join. 

Contact: Renata Ndahayo - 
Faculty Advisor: LaRon Nelson

FirstGems (First-Generation Group)

Contacts: Michaela Sanchez - and Anisha Gill -

HAVEN Free Clinic

The HAVEN Free Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic that partners with Yale University to provide the New Haven community access to comprehensive, high-quality health care free of charge. Our model is unique because we include members across various disciplines in health care, including medicine, nursing, physician’s associate programs, and public health.

We serve as a sustainable free clinic that provides uninsured adults in New Haven with primary care, wellness education, and assistance in securing health care while simultaneously educating health professional students at Yale about patient care and community health.


Minority Student Nurses (MSN)

MSN provides support, guidance, and community for nursing students belonging to underrepresented and marginalized populations. MSN contributes to the enrichment of students through providing professional development opportunities for minority students, and giving voice to issues affecting the student body, faculty, and staff. In collaboration with other campus organizations, MSN aims to increase diversity and create safe spaces within the student body, as well as among faculty and staff.

Visit us on Facebook:

Faculty Advisor: Heather Reynolds

Neighborhood Health Project (NHP)

Since its inception in 2002, the Neighborhood Health Project (NHP) is a free, student-run clinic that provides screenings for hypertension and diabetes. We offer blood pressure and blood glucose level checks, healthcare and lifestyle counseling, and resources for those in the New Haven community seeking low-cost primary care. NHP also coordinates free flu vaccine clinics at select times during the year. Clinics are held at the Episcopal Church of St. Paul and St. James, 57 Olive Street, Saturdays from 8:30am -10:30am.

Our mission is to provide health screenings and education as well as improve access to healthcare for low-income patient populations in the New Haven community. We also aim to educate and train future healthcare professionals in the collaborative practice of medicine and community health. We are an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Public Health, and Physician Associate Program.

Contacts: Emily Houston - and Grace Kim -

Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)

Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) is a student group dedicated to improving the experience of and bettering curriculum regarding the health of people with underrepresented gender and sexual identities. NOS aims to build community and support the survival, scholarship, and leadership of these individuals, especially those with multiple underrepresented identities. We aim to collaborate with community, student, and staff organizations to support gender, sexual, and other underrepresented students and promote diverse educational experiences at YSN and beyond. We stand in solidarity with other groups working towards equity and justice such as NextYSN, Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Minority Student Nurses.

Contact: Grace Mills -

Nursing Students for Reproductive Health (NSRH)

Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSSRH) is a national grassroots organization dedicated to providing nursing students with the education, tools, and resources necessary to become social change agents within the healthcare system as it relates to sexual and reproductive justice. The Yale NSSRH chapter focuses on reproductive health events, training, and advocacy at YSN, as well as collaborations with other reproductive justice groups at Yale. NSSRH at YSN also supports the Yale Doula Project, a volunteer abortion doula organization serving the New Haven area. Any students interested in reproductive health or the Yale Doula Project can email to be added to the mailing list or get in touch with any member of the leadership team.

Contacts: Olivia Stillman - and Renata Ndahayo -

Faculty Advisor: Loren Fields

Nutrition that Heals 

Nutrition that Heals aims to provide a foundation of food-as-medicine, utilizing plant-based nutrition education, for Yale health professional students. Plant-based nutrition is essential in understanding chronic disease and disease prevention across the lifespan. We bring experts in the field of nutrition to speak during our lecture series, as well as advocate for curriculum change at YSN. We believe evidence-based nutrition must be at the root of our practice as health care providers; food justice is health justice is social justice.

Poverty Alleviation through Washing Soles (PAWS) 

The New Haven PAWS Project (Poverty Alleviation through Washing Soles) seeks to provide footwear and podiatric care to those experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty in New Haven. The PAWS Project engages the greater Yale community in events centered around foot health, including foot washing services and shoe, sock, and hygiene kit giveaways. PAWS has partnered with local organizations such as Bombas and Soles4Souls to provide those in need with new shoes, socks and foot hygiene products. The PAWS Project is presently seeking community volunteers and donations of new, unused socks and shoes. Last year, PAWS gave out over 1,500 pairs of socks and hundreds of new shoes to members of the New Haven community.

Facebook page:

U.S. Health Justice Collaborative

The U.S. Health Justice Collaborative is an interprofessional student group that was created in 2015. The Collaborative is a loose network of students, medical residents, and New Haven community members, with representation across schools as diverse as medical, nursing, physician associate, public health, law, business, forestry, and more.

The Collaborative has three main goals:

COMMUNITY: Strengthen relationships between health professional students at Yale who are committed to domestic health equity. Connect students to events and other groups on campus with similar objectives.

RADICAL LEARNING: Deepen awareness about injustices that exist between patients and providers, between providers and other providers, and between healthcare institutions and the communities they serve.

INFORMED ACTION: Partner with New Haven community to understand and contribute to health equity efforts already occurring in the city. Lead activism at Yale’s health professional schools surrounding health justice.

Contact: Maxwell Shaw-Jones -

Yale International Nursing Group (YING)

The Yale International Nursing Group (YING) is a forum where all Yale nursing students interested in international health can join in discussions related to the role of nursing in global healthcare and work with like-minded students to explore opportunities to practice nursing internationally while at YSN and beyond. YING members are dedicated to the integration of global health into the YSN curriculum, organizing events related to nursing and global health, accessing international opportunities through Yale University as a whole, and forming of a community of YSN students, faculty, and alumni participating in global work. This group meets about once every month for general discussion and project organization, committees meet as-needed to plan activities, and a subset of students also meets once monthly for journal article discussions.


Yale Patient Navigator Program (YPNP)

YPNP is a student collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine MD and PA Programs, Yale School of Nursing, Yale College, and Yale School of Public Health. We work with adult and pediatric patients referred to us from the Primary Care Center, the Refugee Clinic, and IRIS - Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services.
YPNP aims to address barriers to care by connecting patients with health and psychosocial resources. Navigators work alongside patients to address social and economic barriers to health, including housing, food insecurity, transportation, medication reminders, and appointment scheduling. Specific roles of navigators include: supporting patients at clinic appointments; learning about agencies and organizations in Greater New Haven; calling patients to follow up on clinic appointments, medications, and resources; communicating with providers and documenting on Epic; conducting home visits (optional, not currently being done due to Covid-19). The program is a valuable opportunity to build longitudinal relationships with patients and gain knowledge about resources available throughout the New Haven community.
Navigators are paired and work with patients on an as-needed basis (~2-4 hours/month). Navigators are expected to communicate regularly with their partner and YPNP leader and to attend monthly large group meetings.
A training session will be required before you begin the program. You can choose to come to one of our two sessions, which will last around 1- 1.5 hours. Specific times of the training sessions will be sent out separately after we receive all the applications. 
Leadership Team

President: Weilai Dong (; Yeqi Chen (
Treasurer: Soren Saggi (
Meetings Chairperson: Nisarg Shah (
Community Outreach Chairperson: Jessica Robles (
YSPH Chairperson: Taylor Choe (; Aiza Khan (
Undergraduate Chairperson: Allen Ryu (; Kayla Hoovler (