Alumni and Giving

As an alumnus of Yale School of Nursing, you are a member of one of the most accomplished and influential professional nursing networks in the world. Our graduates are multinational award-winning leaders, policy drivers, researchers, professors and global primary-care givers.  We hold positions in hospitals, academia, governments, professional organizations, and non-profits.

YSN offers myriad networking opportunities, events that reconnect former students with faculty, and even mentor students after graduating from Yale. We encourage you to keep current with your nursing community through YSN’s social media accounts and ongoing publications. And of course, we welcome volunteers to assist with precepting, organizing an alumni event in your region, and by supporting our financial aid program through charitable donations.

Please be sure to keep your contact information updated with to enable us to send you news and invitations to special events and gatherings. We want to help you benefit from your relationship with YSN and other members of our community.