Licensure and CPR

Graduate Entry Pre-specialization in Nursing (GEPN)

Students in the Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing must pass the NCLEX-RN and submit proof of their Connecticut R.N. licensure by January 1st of the first year of their specialty program. 

*Any student who does not pass the NCLEX-RN, or who does not sit for the NCLEX-RN prior to December 1st, may be required to withdraw or take a leave of absence and will be required to make individual arrangements for completion of the specialty requirements after receiving a passing grade on the NCLEX-RN. GEPN students must follow steps outlined in the Student NCLEX Reporting Process.

* Acute Care specialty students must have passed their NCLEX by October 10th of their first specialty year. In such circumstances, students are advised to obtain their Connecticut R.N. license as quickly as possible to ensure they can continue with their clinical hours at sites with R.N. licensure requirements.

Master’s Program for Nurses with Baccalaureate Degrees

Requirements for admission for registered nurses include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, and graduation from a school of nursing. Applicants must be licensed in at least one state. If the student is a new graduate from a school of nursing, the student’s Connecticut R.N. license must be submitted 90 days from the student’s graduation date. Incoming students with an out- of-state R.N. license must obtain a Connecticut RN license prior to enrollment and no later than August 1st. Students who have not passed the NCLEX-RN by the above-mentioned dates will be required to take a leave of absence and to make individual arrangements for completion of the specialty requirements after passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

Doctoral of Nursing Practice Students

Applicants to the Healthcare Leadership, Systems, and Policy D.N.P. program must hold a current RN license to practice in the United States. Clinical DNP program applicants must hold a current license to practice as an RN as well as an advanced practice nurse or certified midwife in the United States prior to the start of the first term of the Clinical DNP program.

Doctor of Philosophy Students

PhD students are not required to have an active RN license unless they are practicing. However, they are encouraged to maintain their RN license.

CPR Policy

All GEPN and MSN Specialty students are required to maintain active Connecticut RN licensure and Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Professional certification through the American Heart Association while enrolled in the School of Nursing. CPR certification is due by June 1st for students newly enrolled at YSN, for those who already have this CPR certification, it must expire after December 31st.  This specific American Heart Association certification is necessary for our clinical partners. Students who do not maintain CPR certification will not be able to continue with clinical training. 

Reviewed by Academic Leadership: April 4th, 2022

Approved by BPO: April 20th, 2022