YSN Summer Registration

Two general categories of summer registration exist and are described below along with the accompanying fee structures: 

A. Required Summer Coursework 

Some students are required to register for classes in the summer term as part of their plan of study (GEPN, DNP and some MSN specialty programs). 


  • GEPN students are required to register for the summer term and pay summer tuition. 

MSN On Campus Program

  • MSN On Campus students are not required to register for summer courses as part of their plan of study. Students who elect to take a summer course will need to pay any related fees per credit.

  • If a student needs to register for summer clinical experience not offered during the fall or spring term, student will not be charged.

Yale Online MSN Program

  • MSN Online students are required to register for the summer term and pay the per credit tuition rate.


  • DNP students whose plan of study requires summer courses must register for their respective summer course work. 

*Note: Students who take summer coursework in the GEPN and Yale Online MSN Program are eligible for financial aid for the summer term as that coursework is required in their plan of study. Students who do not have a required summer term in their plan of study are not eligible for financial aid for the summer term.

B. Elective Summer Course work: research, independent study or summer elective 

Any work on a research project that occurs after the last day of the spring term and requires access to a faculty advisor as well as YSN and University resources, is officially considered a summer term coursework. All students collecting data in the summer must work with a faculty member, register for summer research work, and pay the corresponding per credit rate. 

Similarly, any coursework taken as an elective (i.e. not required by the student’s plan of study) over the summer term will be subject to a per credit rate. Eligibility for Financial Aid is determined by the student’s required plan of study.

In order to register for elective coursework (i.e. independent study, research, summer course), the student must register and pay for summer coursework or independent study at a per credit rate. Credit hours will be calculated according to the standard formula used by the School of Nursing. 

Students who wish, for convenience, to submit an Institutional Review Board application after spring classes end, but before the start of the fall term, and who do not intend to collect data or seek agency clearance until the fall term may do so without registering for summer coursework and paying the per credit rate. 

C. Summer Course Registration Requirements

All students intending to register for summer courses work, not in their program’s plan of study, must contact the School’s Registrar during the spring term and complete appropriate forms by the April deadline.

Any MSN specialty student taking summer course work, as per their plan of study, must also have an approval from their Specialty Director to complete summer course registration. 

Any student engaged in clinical practice without a formal course registration and Clinical Experience Agreement will not be considered an enrolled student and will, therefore, not be covered by the School’s malpractice insurance.

If a student receives credit for clinical coursework during the summer, payment cannot be received for that work.

D. Incomplete Grades from Spring Term: Continuation in Summer

If a student receives a grade of “Incomplete” for a spring course and must complete academic and/or clinical work during the summer, the student must adhere to the Request for a Grade of Incomplete policy and submit the incomplete grade form to maintain registration and the school’s malpractice insurance for the course during the summer period.

Approved March 22, 2023 by YSN Board of Permanent Officers