ID Cards

All Yale University ID Cards are issued and administered by the ID Card Center however, requests for spousal/partner ID must be sent to the YSN registrar first. Please follow the steps outlined below to request a spousal/partner ID.

Student Spouse/Partner ID 

Please reach out to YSN registrar with a proof of marriage/civil union in order to obtain an access card for your partner/spouse.

Accepted Documents:

  • Marriage certificate (in English)
  • Civil union document (only applies to same sex civil unions)
  • J2 VISA with passports containing both spouses’ name’

Once the marriage/civil union is confirmed, the YSN Registrar will submit the Sponsored Identity (SI)  form online form to start the ID card process. The Registrar will receive an email of approval from the ID center and notify the spouse. Spouse will need stop by the ID center, with a photo ID,  to pick up their SIPlease wait 24 hours after the approval before arriving at the ID Center.

Contact Information and appointments:
Please email  or call 203-432-0165 (M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)

with questions.