Current Research

Veronica Barcelona

Barcelona, V. (Principal Investigator). DNA Methylation, Preterm Birth and Blood Pressure in African American Children. Funded by NIH/NINR (K01NR017010), 9/19/17-8/31/20.

Research Areas/Methodology: Health inequities, minority health, epigenomics, pregnancy health, adverse birth outcomes, cardiovascular health

Samantha Conley

Research Areas/Methodology: Self-management and symptom science of symptom clusters in adults with inflammatory bowel disease

Jane K. Dixon

Research Areas/Methodology: What people think and do regarding environment and health/measurement, evaluation

Shelli Feder

Research Areas/Methodology: To identify, disseminate and implement best practices in palliative and end-of-life care; medical informatics, quality improvement, health services research, and patient-centered outcomes of care

Margaret Grey

Grey, M. (Program Director). Research Training: Self and Family Management. Funded by NIH/NINR (T32NR008346), 7/1/14-6/30/20.

Research Areas/Methodology: To improve self-management in youth with diabetes; psychoeducational interventions to improve metabolic control of diabetes and quality of life in youth and their parents; prevention and lifestyle management of youth with type 2 diabetes

Holly Kennedy

Research Areas/Methodology: Links between care during pregnancy and birth with clinical and social, barriers to evidence-based practice, shared decision-making and qualitative methods

M. Tish Knobf

Research Areas/Methodology: Interventions to improve health outcomes for breast cancer survivors and reduce risks of co-morbid illness due to overweight, obesity and organ system treatment toxicity.

Ann Kurth

Kurth, A. (Principal Investigator). High-yield HIV Testing, Facilitated Linkage to Care, and Prevention for Female Youth in Kenya. Funded by NIH/NIAID (R01AI122797), 8/1/15-7/31/20.

Kurth, A. (Program Director). Jonas Nurse Scholars Program. Funded by the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, 8/1/18-7/31/20.

Research Areas/Methodology: HIV/Sexual and reproductive health, planetary health, global health system strengthening, epidemiology

Soohyun Nam

Research Areas/Methodology: Chronic disease self-management; type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease; lifestyle; racial discrimination and microaggression, stress, social networks/ health disparities research; community-engaged research; ecological momentary assessment; social network analysis

LaRon E. Nelson

Nelson, L. (Principal Investigator). Multi-Level Intervention Addressing Intersectional Stigma to Improve HIV Testing in MSM. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR019009), 9/5/19-6/30/23. 

Nelson, L. (Principal Investigator). HIV Prevention Trials Network 096 Leadership. Funded by Family Health International (FHI 360), NIH/NIAID (UM1 AI068619), 12/1/2019 – 11/30/2020.

Research Areas/Methodology: Symptom science; implementation science; global health; health equity; interventions; vulnerable populations; HIV; sexual/reproductive health

Monica Ordway

Research Areas/Methodology:  Relationship between stress and health among young socioeconomically disadvantaged children; toxic stress in children; pediatric sleep and stress; and community-engaged programs aimed to support families living with adversity.

Carmen Portillo

Research Areas/Methodology: Symptom management in people living with HIV; self-care and stigma interventions; international capacity development; minority HIV health

Nancy S. Redeker

Redeker, N. (Principal Investigator), Jeon, S. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: A Self-Management Strategy for Chronic Illness in Stable Heart Failure. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR016191), 9/28/15-6/30/20.

Redeker, N. (Principal Investigator with Klar Yaggi). The Recovery in Stroke Using PAP (RISE UP) Study. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR018335), 2/6/19-11/30/23.

Redeker, N. (Principal Investigator with Klar Yaggi). The Collaboration Linking Opioid Use Disorder and Sleep (“CLOUDS”) Study. Funded by NIH/NHLBI (U01HL150596), 9/27/19-8/31/23.        

Research Areas/Methodology: Sleep health; health-related consequences of sleep deficiency, and translating efficacious sleep promotion interventions into clinical and community settings; improving sleep deficiency in people with acute and chronic conditions, racially and ethnically diverse individuals and families who may be at risk for negative health outcomes due to sleep deficiency; promoting healthy sleep in children, adolescents with families living with economic adversity; research on symptoms and symptom clusters; cardiovascular health

Lois Sadler

Research Areas/Methodology: Adolescent parents transition to parenthood; adolescent pregnancy prevention; adolescent health care; community engaged research; implementation and dissemination of evidence-based home visiting model; Minding the Baby®

David Vlahov

Vlahov, D. (Co-Director). Evidence for Action. Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 7/1/17-6/30/23 (subcontract with University of  California, San Francisco).

Vlahov, D. (Chair, External Scientific Advisory Board). Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO). Funded by NIH/NIDA, 7/1/17-3/31/22 (subcontract with University of California, Los Angeles).

Research Areas/Methodology: Social determinants of health for marginalized populations in urban settings; HIV and other infections; mental health; substance use 

Robin Whittemore

Whittemore, R. (Program Director). Future of Nursing Scholars at Yale University School of Nursing. Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 4/1/15-7/31/21.

Research Areas/Methodology: Improving access to self-management in type 2 diabetes, preventing type 2 diabetes, using technology to enhance self-management and address psychosocial challenges of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Julie Womack

Research Areas/Methodology: HIV and aging: focus on conditions that disproportionally affect women including falls and frailty; other patient-centered outcomes; use of electronic health records for clinical research; informatics

Canhua Xiao

Xiao, C. (Principal Investigator). Epigenetic Mechanisms of Inflammation and Fatigue in Head and Neck Cancer Patients. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR015783), 4/22/2016 – 3/31/2020.

Research Areas/Methodology: Cancer-related symptoms/symptom clusters, their biological mechanisms, inflammatory mechanisms of cancer-related fatigue, and patient-reported outcomes including quality of life