Current Research

Samantha Conley

Research Areas/Methodology: Self-management and symptom science of symptom clusters in adults with inflammatory bowel disease

Shelli Feder

Feder, S. (Principal Investigator). Improving the Delivery of Specialist Palliative Care to Veterans with Heart Failure. Funded by NIH/NHLB (K12HL138037).

Research Areas/Methodology: To identify, disseminate and implement best practices in palliative and end-of-life care; medical informatics, quality improvement, health services research, and patient-centered outcomes of care

Margaret Grey

Research Areas/Methodology: To improve self-management in youth with diabetes; psychoeducational interventions to improve metabolic control of diabetes and quality of life in youth and their parents; prevention and lifestyle management of youth with type 2 diabetes

M. Tish Knobf

Knobf, M.T. (Co-investigator).  The Collaboration Linking Opioid Use Disorder and Sleep (“CLOUDS”) Study. Funded by NIH/NHLBI. (U01HL150596).

Research Areas/Methodology: Interventions to improve health outcomes for breast cancer survivors and reduce risks of co-morbid illness due to overweight, obesity and organ system treatment toxicity.

Ann Kurth

Kurth, A. (Principal Investigator). High-yield HIV Testing, Facilitated Linkage to Care, and Prevention for Female Youth in Kenya. Funded by NIH/NIAID (R01AI122797).

Research Areas/Methodology: HIV/Sexual and reproductive health, planetary health, global health system strengthening, epidemiology

Soohyun Nam

Research Areas/Methodology: Chronic disease self-management; type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease; lifestyle; racial discrimination and microaggression, stress, social networks/ health disparities research; community-engaged research; ecological momentary assessment; social network analysis

LaRon E. Nelson

Nelson, L. (Principal Investigator). Multi-Level Intervention Addressing Intersectional Stigma to Improve HIV Testing in MSM. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR019009). 

Nelson, L. (Principal Investigator). HIV Prevention Trials Network 096 Leadership. Funded by Family Health International (FHI 360), NIH/NIAID (UM1 AI068619).

Nelson, L. (mPI, with J. Bernstein [SUNY]). Leveraging Family-Based Assets for Black MSM in House Ball Communities. Funded by NIH/NIMHD (R34MH124082).

Nelson, L. (mPI with T. Kershaw). Research Education Institute for Diverse Scholars (REIDS). Funded by NIH/NIMH (R25MH087217).

Research Areas/Methodology: Symptom science; implementation science; global health; health equity; interventions; vulnerable populations; HIV; sexual/reproductive health

Monica Ordway

Research Areas/Methodology:  Relationship between sleep, stress and health among racially/ethnically diverse and economically marginalized children; toxic stress in children; multilevel interventions to promote sleep health in early childhood, and community-engaged programs aimed to support families living with adversity.

Carmen Portillo

Research Areas/Methodology: Symptom management in people living with HIV; self-care and stigma interventions; international capacity development; minority HIV health

Nancy S. Redeker

Redeker, N. (Co-investigator). Development of a multimodal mobile sleep intervention using wearable technology to reduce heavy drinking in young adults. Funded by NIH/National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism.(R34AA026021, L. Fucito, PI). 

Redeker, N. (mPI with K. Yaggi,D. Scheinost, D. Barry). The Collaboration Linking Opioid Use Disorder and Sleep (“CLOUDS”) Study. Funded by NIH/National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. (U01HL150596).

Redeker, N. (mPI with K. Yaggi, K. Sheth). Rise up in stroke using Pap (RISEUP) Study. Funded by NIH/National Institute of Nursing Research.(R01NR018335). 

Redeker, N (mPI with J. Testani).  Mechanism and Effect of Manipulating Chloride Homeostasis in Heart Failure. Funded by NHLBI/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.  (R01HL139629).

Redeker, N. (mPI with E. Fikrig, A. Shaw). Circadian Rhythms and Acute Immune Response in Aging. Funded by NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. (1R01AI142624), 

Redeker, N. (Principal Investigator). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: A Self-Management Strategy for Chronic Illness in Stable Heart Failure. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR016191)

Research Areas/Methodology: Sleep health; health-related consequences of sleep deficiency, and translating efficacious sleep promotion interventions into clinical and community settings; improving sleep deficiency in people with acute and chronic conditions, racially and ethnically diverse individuals and families who may be at risk for negative health outcomes due to sleep deficiency; promoting healthy sleep in children, adolescents with families living with economic adversity; research on symptoms and symptom clusters; cardiovascular health

Lois Sadler

Sadler, L. (Co-investigator). The Far Fund (Slade PI), Minding the Baby Home Visiting Program.

Sadler, L. (Co-investigator).  The Collaboration Linking Opioid Use Disorder and Sleep (“CLOUDS”) Study. Funded by NIH/NHLBI. (U01HL150596).

Research Areas/Methodology: The transition to parenthood among adolescent mothers and their families, adolescent pregnancy prevention, evaluation of specialized school-based support programs for adolescent parents, home visiting interventions for underserved young families, community-engaged research methods and ethics, biomarkers of toxic stress,  patterns of sleep among multicultural infants and toddlers,  implementation and dissemination of evidence-based home visiting model- Minding the Baby®

David Vlahov

Vlahov, D. (Co-Director). Evidence for Action. Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (subcontract with University of  California, San Francisco).

Vlahov, D. (Chair, External Scientific Advisory Board). Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO). Funded by NIH/NIDA. (subcontract with University of California, Los Angeles).

Research Areas/Methodology: Social determinants of health for marginalized populations in urban settings; HIV and other infections; mental health; substance use 

Robin Whittemore

Whittemore, R. (Program Director). Future of Nursing Scholars at Yale University School of Nursing. Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Research Areas/Methodology: Improving access to self-management in type 2 diabetes, preventing type 2 diabetes, using technology to enhance self-management and address psychosocial challenges of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Julie Womack

Research Areas/Methodology: HIV and aging: focus on conditions that disproportionally affect women including falls and frailty; other patient-centered outcomes; use of electronic health records for clinical research; informatics