Current Research

Ongoing Funded Research

Veronica Barcelona

Barcelona, V. (Principal Investigator). DNA Methylation, Preterm Birth and Blood Pressure in African American Children. Funded by NIH/NINR (K01NR017010), 9/19/17-8/31/20.

Margaret GreyMargaret Grey

Grey, M. (Program Director). Research Training: Self and Family Management. Funded by NIH/NINR (T32NR008346), 7/1/14-6/30/19.

Ruth McCorkleMaggie Holland

Holland, M. (Principal Investigator), Sadler, L. Birth Outcomes of Second Children after Community-based Home Visiting. Funded by NIH/NINR (R15NR017290), 9/22/17-8/31/20.

The Effectiveness of An Early Childhood Home Visiting Program to Reduce Child Maltreatment,  National Institutes of Health, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development.  1R03HD096114-01 9/1/18 - 8/31/20

Ann KurthAnn Kurth

Kurth, A. (Principal Investigator). High-yield HIV Testing, Facilitated Linkage to Care, and Prevention for Female Youth in Kenya. Funded by NIH/NIAID (R01AI122797), 8/1/15-7/31/20.

Kurth, A. (Program Director). Jonas Nurse Scholars Program. Funded by the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, 8/1/18-7/31/20.

Mark LazenbyMark Lazenby

Lazenby, M. (Principal Investigator). Developing a Palliative Care Intervention for Muslims with Cancer. Funded by the American Cancer Society, 7/1/15-6/30/20.

Ruth McCorkleRuth McCorkle

McCorkle, R. (Program Director), Lazenby, M. Using the RE-AIM Model to Translate Distress Screening into Cancer Care. Funded by NIH/NCI (R25CA177553), 7/1/13-6/30/19.

McCorkle, R. (Site Principal Investigator), Ercolano, E. Ostomy Telehealth for Cancer Survivors. Funded by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), 9/1/16- 8/31/19 (Subcontract with University of Pennsylvania).

Monica OrdwayMonica Ordway

Ordway, M. (Principal Investigator). Sleep, Biological Stress, and Health among Toddlers Living in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Homes. Funded by NIH/NINR (K23NR016277), 9/26/16-7/31/19.

Nancy RedekerNancy S. Redeker

Redeker, N. (Principal Investigator), Jeon, S. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: A Self-Management Strategy for Chronic Illness in Stable Heart Failure. Funded by NIH/NINR (R01NR016191), 9/28/15-6/30/20.

Redeker, N.  & Sadler, L. (Co-Principal Investigators), Ordway, M., Banasiak, N., Jeon, S. Community Partnership for Healthy Sleep. Funded by NIH/NINR (R21NR016190), 7/15/16-5/31/19.

Lois SadlerLois Sadler

Sadler, L. (Principal Investigator). Minding the Baby. Funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 5/1/16-4/30/19.

Sadler, L. & Redeker, N. (Co-Principal Investigators), Ordway, M., Banasiak, N., Jeon, S. Community Partnership for Healthy Sleep. Funded by NIH/NINR (R21NR016190), 7/15/16- 5/31/19.

Dena Schulman-GreenDena Schulman-Green

Schulman-Green, D. (Site Principal Investigator). Development and Validation of a Delirium Severity Toolkit. Funded by NIH/NIA (R01AG044518), 6/15/14-2/28/19 (subcontract with Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged).

David Vlahov

 Vlahov, D. (Co-Director). Evidence for Action. Funded by Robert Wood    Johnson Foundation, 7/1/17-6/30/20 (subcontract with University of  California, San Francisco).

Vlahov, D. (Chair, External Scientific Advisory Board). Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO). Funded by NIH/NIDA, 7/1/17-3/31/22 (subcontract with University of California, Los Angeles).

Robin WhittemoreRobin Whittemore

Whittemore, R. (Program Director). Future of Nursing Scholars at Yale University School of Nursing. Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 4/1/15-7/31/21.

Whittemore, R. (Site Principal Investigator). Type 1 Teamwork: A Tool for Parents of Adolescents with T1DM. Funded by NIH/NIDDK (R44DK098857),
4/10/16-9/30/18 (subcontract with New England Research Institute).

Whittemore, R. (Principal Investigator), Jeon, S. Yo Pudeo! Diabetes Self-Management Education + mHealth in Mexico City. Funded by NIH/NINR (R21NR015856), 9/26/16-7/31/19.