Phd in Nursing Students

Understanding risk factors for suicidal behaviors and improving prevention efforts.

Gestational diabetes, diabetes prevention, physical activity, immigrant health, women’s health, and health disparities


Orthopaedic Trauma, Post-Injury Symptoms, Symptom Clusters, Omics, Fracture Care

Adolescent health, marginalized youth. 

Cancer survivorship, sleep health, circadian rhythms, symptom science

Metabolic health in Post 9/11 Veterans

Aging, addiction, HIV, mHealth, adherence and self-management, public policy

Adolescent/emerging adult mental health and biobehavioral development; intersectionality, health inequities, and structural violence; resilience and post-traumatic growth; mixed-methods and community-engaged research approaches

Check out why Brianna decided to obtain her PhD in nursing from Yale.

Psychosocial Stress, Stigmatization, Discrimination, Drug Use and Addiction

Check out why Uzoji decided to obtain her PhD in nursing from Yale.

Psychosocial challenges facing patients with diabetes (and other chronic diseases) in resource-limited settings. Health disparities and health psychology.

Planetary health, climate crisis, global health, older adults, geriatrics, resilience, adaptation

Symptom management and palliative care

Psychosocial interventions to improve self-management and health outcomes for cancer patients. Palliative care and end-of-life care delivery.  Health services implementation and quality improvement.