Phd in Nursing Students

Toxic stress, maternal protective factors, vulnerable populations

Sleep, sleep disorders, and the associated cardiovascular morbidity, such as heart failure and stroke; quality of life for individuals with neurological or cardiovascular diseases; health care quality improvement

Maternal Mental Health

Acute care, cardiac mechanical support devices/ECMO, social justice, global health

Maternal-child attachment, psychopathology of mood disorders, screening for anxiety and depression in pediatric primary care, primary care based interventions for anxiety and related disorders, effects of chronic illnesses on mental health in pediatrics 

Critical care nurses’ clinical reasoning and decision-making around technology and alarm management, and subsequent impact on patient care and outcomes.


Global Health, Infectious Disease, Mental Health, Translational Science, Public Health and Epidemiology

Engagement in HIV care, HIV infected women, women’s health and health disparities


Fetal nursing, perinatal palliative care, fetal therapy, and maternal mental health.


Maternal Child Health, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC), Physiologic Birth, Breastfeeding Health Disparities, and Vulnerable Populations


Understanding risk factors for suicidal behaviors and improving prevention efforts.

HIV/AIDS, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, Infectious Disease, Military & Veteran Health