Policy on Student Participation in Commencement before Completion of Requirements

Students who wish to participate in Commencement ceremonies in May and have not completed course requirements and are in “goodstanding” may participate only if the faculty of record for requirement(s) in question—in consultation with the specialty director,associate dean of student life, and executive deputy dean—attest that the student is expected to finish all requirements no later thanDecember 31 of that same year. The student’s specialty/program director will create an academic plan with the student for completion ofremaining work to meet the December 31 deadline. The student will submit a request for an “incomplete” grade to the registrar for anycourses with incomplete work in which the student is enrolled. For any spring-term courses with incomplete work in which the student isenrolled, the faculty of record will submit a grade of “incomplete” to the registrar.

Any time that a student is allowed to participate in the May Commencement before completion of requirements, an asterisk will beprinted following the student’s name in the program that states the student is expected to complete requirements by December of thatyear. These students will not be presented to the Yale Corporation for conferral and will not receive a diploma until all their work isfinalized and graded.