Healthy Neighbors Program

The Healthy Neighbors Program is committed to forging a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership between the Yale School of Nursing, the Yale Health Professional Schools and the Church Street South Apartments through engagement, empowerment, and health promotion.  

Healthy Neighbors is a community partnership between the Yale health professions schools and the Church Street South housing development, focused on teaching health promotion and prevention, fostering a healthy environment, and empowering the youth at Church Street South. We provide daily after-school tutoring (Mon-Thurs 3-4 pm), weekly health education and wellness-focused activities (Fri 3-4 pm), and seasonal health fairs.

Time commitment: 1 hour every other week and 2 hours during the Fall and Spring health fairs

Location: Church Street South Community Center, 34C Cinque Green, New Haven, CT 06519, between the Yale School of Nursing and Union Street train station