Who We Are

LaRon E. Nelson, PhD, RN, FNP, FNAP, FNYAM, FAAN

Associate Dean for Global Affairs & Planetary Health
Independence Foundation Associate Professor and Associate Professor of Nursing 

Yale School of Nursing - Room 31102 

email: laron.nelson@yale.edu
phone: 203-737-5797   fax: 203-737-2685

Patricia Ryan-Krause, MS, MSN, PCPNP-BC

Professor Emerita of Nursing & Clinical Coordinator, Office of Global Affairs and Planetary Health

Yale School of Nursing - Room 22206

email: patricia.ryan-krause@yale.edu
phone: 203-737-2553   fax: 203-785-6455

Sohani Sirdeshmukh

phone: 203-737-2193   fax: 203-737-2685

Mary Ann Fuentes Marshak

Yale School of Nursing - Room 31101
phone: 203-785-5797   fax: 203-737-2685