Summer Registration for Students


Summer registration provides the students with: (1) a defined role; (2) malpractice coverage; (3) access to University resources; and, (4) the YSN aegis/name. Payment of a fee entitles the student to use the resources of the University during a period when there is no regular summer term.

There are two general categories of summer registration. They are described below with accompanying fee structures: 

A. Research Registration

General Policy

Work on a research praxis or thesis that involves access to YSN and University resources, and a faculty advisor, after the last day of the spring term is considered as occurring during the summer session.  The student will register and pay a summer registration fee. All students collecting data in the summer must work with a faculty member, register for summer research work, and pay a summer registration fee.

Students who wish, for convenience, to submit a Institutional Review Board application after spring classes end, but before the start of the fall term, and who do not intend to collect data or to seek agency clearance until the fall term may do so without incurring a fee. 

B. Registration for Coursework/Independent Study and Clinical Work

General Policy

Some students are required to register for classes in the summer term as part of their plan of study (GEPN and DNP students).  These students will be charged a predetermined tuition rate for the summer term.  Students who are not required to do academic work in the summer may wish to negotiate clinical or theoretical experiences for credit during the summer term.  Such course work can be arranged with the approval of appropriate faculty and Specialty Coordinator.  Students engaged in clinical and/or theoretical work for credit must formally register for the summer term.  If a student receives credit for clinical course work during the summer he/she cannot receive pay for that work.

The student who registers for course work (clinical and/or theoretical) should complete an independent study contract and register with an independent study course number.

In the case of a clinical experience, the appropriate faculty and Specialty Director must negotiate a clinical experience agreement (Schedule A) with the agency involved if it is not one with which YSN has a current or standing affiliation (Clinical Experience) agreement.  In the case of experiences with an agency with which YSN does have a current or standing affiliation agreement, a new Schedule A is required. The fee for summer coursework or independent studies will be at a per credit rate.  Credit hours will be calculated according to the standard formula used by the School.  In some unusual circumstances, opportunities arise that require the School to offer clinical or theoretical courses over the summer.  In those instances, students will be charged only a summer registration fee.

If a student receives a grade of “Incomplete” for a course and must do academic and/or clinical work in the summer, the student must register for summer coursework and pay a summer registration fee.

Any student engaged in clinical practice without a formal course registration and Clinical Experience Agreement with current Schedule A will not be considered an enrolled student and will, therefore, not be covered by the School’s malpractice insurance.

All students registering for summer course work should do so with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs before the end of the first week of summer term.

Revised Exec. Comm.