Independent Study

The purpose of an Independent Study is to allow in-depth pursuit of individual areas of interest and/or practice with the guidance of a faculty member. An Independent Study is comparable to any academic course. As such, it is subject to the same policies described in the School’s policies. This elective study is initiated by faculty or student and negotiated with the faculty.

Independent Studies are officially assigned a section of course N704a or b (an “a” signifies Fall, a “b” Spring. A year-long experience has no letter designation). 

Intent to register for an Independent Study during the Online Course Selection process can be accomplished by registering for N704 (section 00) at the beginning of the semester. Once the proper forms are completed and signed, the Registrar can create the individual course and switch the student’s section.

Credit Circulation

  • 1 classroom (theory) hour per week per semester = 1 credit

  • 3 clinical/laboratory hours per week per semester = 1 credit

A semester is 15 weeks long, except for the summer term which is 12 weeks in length.


  • The contract is due in the Student Affairs Office no later than 2 weeks after the beginning of classes.

  • The contract must be signed by the student, the faculty member(s), the academic advisor, and the Assistant dean of Student Affairs. 

  • The contract must include the following, to be attached to the contract face sheet:

    • A course title

    • A statement of purpose

    • Site (if lab or practicum)

    • Objectives

    • Desired outcome

    • Methodology

      • Frequency, type of meeting with faculty, e.g., tutorial, clinical, conference, seminar, etc.

  • Method of evaluation

    • Demonstration

    • Scholarly paper

    • Etc.

    • If the independent study is for clinical work, all clinical placements and preceptors must be arranged and documented according to current policies and procedures including: a completely executed Clinical Experience Agreement, Schedule A, and courtesy faculty appointment.

Please complete and submit this form:

Independent Study Form
Title of Study
Clinical Practice
Files must be less than 800 KB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
I am aware of the expectations for the Independent Study and have discussed them with the 
faculty member(s) with whom I will work.
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