Part-Time Study for MSN and PMC Students

There are two general categories of Part-Time study at The School of Nursing; Required and Optional

Required: Yale Online MSN program of study is a part-time program. Please see the Yale Online MSN  degree section of the Bulletin for complete information around these programs. 

Optional: For some specialties, there is an option for part-time plan of study towards the on-campus Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) or the Post-Master’s Certificate (PMC) in addition to the full-time study.

Admission to Optional Part-Time Study

Admission to optional part-time study in the on-campus MSN or PMC programs are determined by the Specialty Directors and the final number of available spaces is shared with the Admissions Committee. Applications for part-time study are evaluated using the same criteria for full-time admission.

Eligibility for Optional Part-Time Study

Students are only eligible for part-time study during the specialty years for the on campus MSN degree or the PMC.  Part-time study is not available in Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing (GEPN) Program.

Financial Aid

PMC students are not eligible for YSN scholarships. However, they are eligible to apply for Federal or Private Loans and private scholarships. Part time students are eligible for YSN Scholarship, but this is dependent on Federal need and availability of funds. Part time study is defined as 4 credits. Students taking less that 4 credits are not eligible for financial aid. 

Academic Plan and Length of Time to Complete the Degree 

The optional part-time plans of study for the on-campus MSN and PMC programs are prepared by the Specialty Directors and available on the School’s website.  Students enrolled in part-time study are only permitted to take one additional elective course per term beyond the prescribed courses on the plan of study for part-time students. Individuals who have waived or challenged courses may still take one additional elective course per term as specified above. It is expected that all students complete their degree course work within six years, and DNP students complete their coureswork within five years. 

*Students on military leave should refer to the YSN LOA Policy.

Non-matriculated individuals may audit course(s) with the permission of the instructor of the course and Specialty Director. Fees will be calculated on a credit basis.

Special Considerations

Requests to change student status from full-time to part-time status, or vice versa, should be first discussed with the academic advisor and the Specialty Director.  If approved by the Specialty Director, the student must complete the Change of Status form to successfully process the request. The final decision will be based on a number of factors including the student’s reasoning behind the request and school’s capacity to accommodate the student.

Approved March 22, 2023 by YSN Board of Permanent Officers