YSN Student Resources & Guidelines

The Yale School of Nursing (YSN) Student Resources and Guidelines provide information to help you successfully navigate your academic career at YSN. The information includes policies, procedures, guidelines, and resources available to you within the YSN community and across Yale University. We hope you will return to these resources often as you progress on the path to finishing your degree.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of this page, please contact Saveena Dhall, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, saveena.dhall@yale.edu, 203-737-2258.

As a student it is important that you read, understand and practice Yale School of Nursing’s Mission and Philosophy.

YSN 2019-2020 Bulletin
The bulletin holds essential material and information for the student, including the School’s history, program information, and course descriptions. It also identifies expected outcomes. It represents the agreement between the School and the student.

Listing of Student Resources & Guidelines

Academic Integrity

Access Student Records (formerly #11)

Challenge Policy (formerly policy #7)

Children in YSN Classrooms and Common Areas (formerly policy #34)

Course Withdrawal (formerly policy #19)

Disciplinary Procedures (formerly policy #33)

Education Records

Grading System and Definitions of Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail (formerly policy #22)

Inclement Weather Information

HIPAA Guidelines

Leave of Absence and Withdrawal (formerly policy #6)

Licensure (formerly policy #21)

Mandatory Background Check

Military Leave

For those students in the Armed Forces, we thank you for your service.  Leave of Absence and Withdrawal (formerly policy #6), provides information in the case of military deployment.

MSN/DNP Students in Academic Difficulty (formerly policy #23)

Non-Matriculated Auditors and Students (formerly policy #17)

Notice of Privacy Practices

Part-Time Study for MSN and PMC Students (formerly policy #18)

Personal Conduct Policy (formerly policy #32)

Poster and Publicity Policy for YSN Student Organizations

Request for a Grade of Incomplete (formerly policy #12)

Satisfactory Academic Progress: Implications for Financial Aid (formerly policy #36)

Sexual Misconduct Resources

Student Alcohol Policy

Student Building Use

Student NCLEX Reporting Process

Students Participating in Commencement before Completion of Requirements

Student Use of Degree Credentials

Summer Registration for GEPN, MSN, and DNP Students (formerly policy #15)

Technical Standards for Admission and Progression

Testing Accommodations Protocol

Tobacco Free Yale

Tuition Rebate and Refund (formerly policy #31)

Students in the PhD Program can access the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Programs and Policies Bulletin.

Additional Student Guidelines

Dean’s Procedure for Student Complaints
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Guidelines in Case of Occupational Exposure
Service Animal Policy
Students must first register their service animal with the Resource Office on Disabilities (ROD) before they are permitted to bring     their service animal to the building. Service animals registered with ROD are welcome here at YSN. This includes during classes, meetings, and other events. Non-service animals (pets) are not permitted with the exception of planned occasions, and require prior approval from YSN.
University Statement on Disclosure of Directory Information (reviewed August 2016)


health & wellness

living in new haven

graduate student life



Students With Associate Deg​rees in Nursing

All potential RN candidates whose highest degree in nursing is an associate’s degree and who also hold a BS degree in another field will be required to take a community health course in order to be enrolled into the Yale School of Nursing’s master’s degree program. An e-learn course that meets the objectives for N513, Community Health Nursing and Public Health, such as the one offered by the New York State Nurses Association Continuing Education, is acceptable. In addition to providing proof of community health content, the applicant will have to complete a community health related project that can be part of course work prior to graduation. The nature and extent of this project will be co-determined with the respective specialty coordinator. If you are interested in taking the course offered by the New York State Nurses Association Continuing Education, please contact the Office of Student Affairs in order to gain access.