Nursing Students Cheer Cohort’s First Big Milestone

November 3, 2021

On October 22, the Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing (GEPN) students at Yale School of Nursing (YSN) swapped their scrubs for dressier duds and cheered their classmates in a celebration of their first significant milestone: the nursing certificate ceremony, signaling the successful completion of their first year and taking the NCLEX licensing exam. 

Dean Ann Kurth ’90 MSN, PhD, CNM, MPH, FAAN saluted the 98 GEPNs for their decision to join the nation’s most trusted profession after a year unlike any other.

“Every GEPN class is unique in its own way, that is without a doubt, but your cohort will never know a nursing career before COVID-19,” she said. “You saw the waves flood and ebb. You observed the rounds of testing and the vaccination efforts. Many of you were involved with them. Faced with this immense challenge, you raised your hands and applied to Yale and said: ‘I want to help.’ This is what Yale GEPNs and the APRNS they become, do.”

Lecturer in Nursing Wendy Mackey ’93 MSN, APRN-BC, MSN, CORLN provided the main address and discussed the essence of nursing.

“The things that truly matter when people get sick or are in a time of crisis is the connection to humanity, being present at times of need, and the provision of competent professional care to individuals. To make a difference in our patient’s lives,” Mackey said. 

“As nurses, we are present — to provide care, hope, inspiration, guidance, and education — in the happiest and darkest moments, and sometimes — especially over the past 18 months — we are the only listening ear and hand to hold when our patients are alone.”

Starting a new tradition this year, GEPN Chair Dr. Sascha James-Conterelli, DNP, CNM, LM, FACNM, FAAN presented custom YSN stethoscope tags as a gift from the school. 

“I encourage you to place this tag on your stethoscope, the one that you take with you to your clinical every day, and wear it with great pride. And on those days when things may not be going quite the way you expected, you can look at the tag and remember that you thrived during your accelerated graduate entry year of nursing, during a pandemic, and online!” 

In addition to seeing event video on the on the YSN YouTube channel, viewers can also enjoy the accompanying sounds of a string trio featuring Yale School of Music students Miriam Liske-Doorandish ’22, Adam Newman ’22, and Kate Arndt ’26.

Many congratulations to all the GEPN students:

A-D Lauren Greenberg Ali Olson
Ruka Ademola Candace Gregg Uche Onyebuchi
Mahwish Askari Kwaku (Joseph) Gyasi Ruby Parris
Rashea Banks Liz Hammond Shayla Partridge
Courtney Barlotta Emily Houston Harriet Perdikaris
Morgan Beans Alyssa Jang Sajni Persad
Melia Bernal Jenilee  Jaquez Haley Pleskow
Emily Borland Crystal Johnson  
Will Bruno Cami Jones Q-Z
Grace Buchloh Shannon Jones Jordan Quintin
Meredith Campbell Lucila Kaisin Erica Rayack
Marissa Chantorn Chloe Kiester Ellie Reck
Monica Checa Grace Kim Kevin Richardson
Dawei Chen Emily Knowles Jonathan Roberts
Yeqi Chen Ameya Krishnan Kaitlyn Roberts
Kendall Cote   Elana Rosenberg
Carlie Davis L-P Marina Rosenberg
Helen Day Kendrick Lau Devin Shaheen
Nicole Devaney Dana Lefland Maxwell Shaw-Jones
Rachel Drake Kathleen Lessard Neelu Shruti
Katherine Duarte Molly Levene Melinda Silva Grant
Shreen Dubey Jessica Levine Tayisha St Vil
Olivia Dumont Lauren Lewis Olivia Stillman
Eva Dunder Kendell Lincoln Ada Udaya
Sam Duplantis Sarah Logan Ben Venter
  Kylee Martin Luis Vera
E-K Erin McGrath Max Vieira
Ashleigh Evans Frankie McLaurin Shiliu Wang
Lee Fleisher Grace Mills Sarah Weas
Olivia Footer Briana Mitchell Elizabeth Weiss
Hannah Frankel Daniel Modlinger Shinelle Wilkins
Stacey Frizzell Helen Montie Dylan Williams
Chris Fusco Renata Ndahayo Disa Yoo
Leoncia Gillespie Riana Nicolaysen Nathan Yuen
Elizabeth Grant Kristen Nocka Yacoba Zwennes